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Suggestions and Procedures for Judging


Because of the unique model horse show environment of the Webshots accounts we will be using for TOPSA shows in 2007, the following are some suggestions and procedures for judging on Webshots.

1.   After obtaining the judging password for the specific show Division 
you will be judging, log into the Webshots account at:
For OF  Divisions A, B, C, D,  the Webshots account is  topsaof.
For CM/AR Divisions E, F, G the Webshots account is topsacm.
The specific judging password will be useable for either account. 

2.   When logged in, click on the dropdown tab for:  
“My Shots“, and select  “Albums“.    
A list of Album/Divisions/Classes will appear.  

3.   Navigate to and open the specific Album containing the Specific Division/class you wish to judge.    
Thumbnails of the Album/class contents will be displayed. 

4.  You can click on each thumbnail to view that image and its information.
There you can click on the little magnifier, or select “Full Size” to see
the image in its largest size.  
You might find it easier to use the Slideshow feature. 

5.  OR,  to utilize the Slideshow feature, slide the page Slider to the RIGHT side of the Album/Class list webpage and click on “Slideshow”.    
The Slideshow feature allows images to be displayed at timed intervals, 
to be stopped and started as desired, or to jump to a specific number image.   Also, a very helpful procedure is to Click on the >l  or  l<  buttons which will allow you to manually and quickly page back and forth through the images.  

6.  TO JUDGE TWO HORSES SIDE BY SIDE:   If you are able, you might find it helpful to open a second browser window containing a second version of the Webshots account.   It is possible to have two (or more) copies of the Webshots  website open on your computer at the same time.   
This will allow you to compare two entries side by side.   And you can scroll through the images in the slideshows on the two Webshots webpages as desired.  
 To open a second copy of Webshots:
With aol, minimize your current Webshots webpage, then enter and log into a second copy.  

When the second copy of Webshots is ready, maximize the first copy.  Then, 
with some maneuvering you can view the two Webshots slideshows side by side, and page through each independently for comparison.  
With aol, another method is to use the aol Browser for one copy, and then open a second copy in the Internet Explorer Browser.  
On aol it is even possible to have 3 different  Webshots pages open at once:    two on the aol browser and the third on the Internet Explorer Browser. 

If anyone has instructions for how to do this with other browsers please write 
to Betty at  and we will add the information here. 

7.  Within each Album/ Class  you will notice two permanent images. 
The Album/Class Title Image and the  TOPSA  Gate image.   
 Please utilize these for judging.    
REARRANGE  your TOP TEN entries into order (placements 1 through 10) before the Album/ Class Title Image.   
And Rearrange any Disqualified images to After the TOPSA Gate Image.

TO REARRANGE IMAGES:   (For JUDGING ONLY:  to change the order of  images within an Album/Class)

     a.   Slide the page Slider to the RIGHT of the Album/Class page and Click on “Rearrange”.

     b.   When the Rearrange-Image Page opens,   just easily drag and drop the images into your temporary/working or final  placement order.   
Please rearrange your top ten so they are before the Album/Class Title Image.   And any DQd images to after the TOPSA Gate. 

***To read the Title (Horse’s Name) of each thumbnail, place your cursor on the thumbnail and wait for the information to be revealed. 

When finished judging, the order of images within and Album/Class will be:  
Placements 1 through 10, Album/Class Title Image, horses not placed, TOPSA Gate, DQd entries.  

     c.   When you are finished rearranging the entries in the Album/Class,   Click  “SAVE”. 

8.    When you have completed the judging of an Album/Class, and before
leaving the Album/Class you will be required to record your placements.


Show RESULT FORMS for each Division are available in the 
Files Section of the TOPSA Yahoo Group. 

     a.   While in the Album/Class you have judged,  activate the 
SlideShow Mode.  

     b.   The image/entries will be numbered, with your First Place through 
10th place horses numbered images 1 through 10.

     c.   Using the Slideshow to stop at each Entry ( 1 - 10) , Cut and Paste
the Title  (Horse’s Name, Entrant’s Name, and Entrant’s Number)  for each 
and record the information into the results document form.  
           Then locate any DQ’d entries, and Cut and Paste their 
Title information and record the information into the results document also.  

Results Document forms are available in the files section of the 
TOPSA Yahoo Group.  

9.  When you have finished recording the results for that Album/Class,
Click on “My Shots” and select “Albums.”    The list of Album/Classes will appear. 

10.   Click to open the next Album/Division/Class you wish to judge and repeat from Step 4.

Each Album/Class you have finished judging will now display the thumbnail of your First Place Horse beside the Album/Class link 
(instead of the Album/Class Title Image) as an indication that you have finished judging that class.   

11.   When you are ready to Judge for Champion/Reserve follow the 
steps below: 


1.   You are welcome to utilize a different method if you choose, but 
the following method will allow easier comparison between entries.

2.   When you have finished judging, for example the Stock Breed Halter 
Classes,  then you are invited to open each judged class one at a time, 
and ‘MOVE’ the First Place and Second Place  horse from each class into the Special Judging Folder for that Champion/Reserve.  


1.   Click to open a judged Album/Class containing your 
First Place horse and Second Place horse .   

3.   Slide the page slider to the RIGHT of the Album PAGE and 
Click on “Move”.

4.   When the Move-Image Page opens,   activate the appropriate 
Check-box  to “Select”  the First Place and the Second Place horse 
 you wish to move.   

5.   On the RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE:   Use the dropdown menu to 
choose the Album/Judging Folder into which you wish to move the images,

6.   Then Click “ Move Photos”.

7.    Repeat for each judged Album/Class.

8.   When you have moved all your First Place and Second Place  horses, Return to the list of Album/Classes and Click to open the Judging Folder and judge your horses for Champion and Reserve.

9.  Rearrange the images within the Judging Folder so that 
Champion and Reserve are first and second within the folder.

***  Please remember: When judging for Champion and Reserve, all 1sts and 2nds from the respective classes are judged, but a 2nd can ONLY Reserve, and it can ONLY Reserve if the Champion was IT's First Place.

10.   Then, Please use the Slideshow method as outlined above to 
record your Champion and Reserve results into the results 

10.   When you have judged all the Classes and all the Champions and Reserves within a Division, then to select for 
Grand Champion and Reserve, use the method described above
to move all of your Champions and Reserves from each of the 
Champ Judging Folders into the  Grand Champion and Reserve 
Judging Folder.   

9.  Rearrange the images within the Judging Folder so that your
Grand Champion and Reserve are first and second within the folder.

10.   Please use the Slideshow method as outlined above to 
record your Grand Champion and Reserve results into the results 

11.  When you have finished judging the Division, report the 
results to Betty at   and   please  post  a copy of 
your completed results into the results file in the Files section 
of the TOPSA Yahoo Group.