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This page is devoted to photo bloopers and funny set-ups to show off the lighter, humorous side of photo showing.

Sparky learns not to walk behind the elephants.
Contributed/Owned by Betty Hook
Done by Irene Lynne Conrad Sparky ties Miss Clara to the railroad tracks as the Calvery comes to her rescue.
Contributed/Owned by Betty Hook
Done by Irene Lynne Conrad  
Sparky realizes his lifelong dream of becoming a Baseball Player, but he has to get a smaller cap.
Done by Irene Lynne Conrad  Sparky & Miss Clara have fallen in love. Note her lovely Gucci bag.
Done by Irene Lynne Conrad  
Beware the Dark Side of the Horse!!
Contributed/Owned by Lisa Michaud  No blue ribbon today thanks to the that 'little' nip before the class!
Contributed/Owned by Suzanne Feld. 
Ahhhhh.....A little more to the right.....
Contributed/Owned by Steph Michel.
 Farrier's night mare? Double-hitch or no???
Owned by Meredith McFadden.  
That'll teach him to tighten the girth better next time.
Contributed/Owned by Suzanne Feld. 
 (voiceover) "George is my friend. I want to love him and hug him and squeeze him..."
An Arabs Worst Nightmare? 
Contributed/Owned by Suzanne Feld.  
"No, please don't take Goldie, he promises he won't whiz on my leg again!"
Contributed/Owned by Suzanne Feld.  Bang!
Contributed/Owned by Suzanne Feld.  
"awww, come on. Kiss me."
The models are EDZ Snitch Itchy (appy colt) and EDZ Campfire Girl (Hart. TB Filly)
Contributed/Owned by Edith D. Zelmore
 Whoa... I think I'm in love!
Contributed/Owned by Laura Finley  
"Naked Rodeo Gains in Popularity... But Not As Much With Men".
Contributed/Owned by Suzanne Feld. 
 What's wrong with this picture? 
Contributed/Owned by Edith D. Zelmore  
Three stages of a Dandy Flash diet: Before (top left), after (top right), and way off the wagon (above).
Contributed/Owned by Edith D. Zelmore    
"Help!! I can't swim" Blub blub blub. Snitchy's complaint everytime I give her a bath.
Contributed/Owned by Edith D. Zelmore  Now THIS is a horse of a different color. 
Contributed/Owned by Edith D. Zelmore
"I'm even faster when I'm moving."
Contributed/Owned Edith D. Zelmore "Ooops..Sorry about that. Must have been the beans."
Contributed/Owned Edith D. Zelmore  
"Hey!!! Stallions arren't supposed to get pregnant!! Geesh, read your biology books, Lady!"
Contributed/Owned Edith D. Zelmore 
 Apple bobbing gone wrong: Stampede wasn't feeling to good to his stomach....
Contributed/Owned ? 
"It's just not my day"
Contributed/Owned Edith D. Zelmore  Mr Charmdanza on the right says "Come with me to the casbaa"
ShyAngel says "I already did, and look what happened!"
See she is pregnant now! 
Contributed/Owned by Sylvia Antonio 


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